Thursday, September 19, 2013

Elegant Votive Candleholders

I had these vases from my wedding and they were just collecting dust sitting in a box in my basement. I wanted to do something with them -- so ran to the hardware store and bought spray paint and rubber bands. I bought spray paint that will frost the glass. You could use any color or tint.

Here are the vases I started out with. You can buy them on sale at Michael's or Hobby Lobby (make sure you go online and look at deals & coupons for crafting stores).

I wrapped rubber bands around the vases in different intervals and angles. I also criss-crossed rubber bands as well. Looking back, I would have likes to also use rubber bands with varying thickness as well.

I set up a spraying "station" in my garage and turned the vases upside down so that the spray doesn't end up inside the vase.

This is after the first coat. I did two coats before I handled them.

Make sure when you remove the rubber bands to wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty because the spray powder will get all over you.

All lit up!

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