Friday, September 6, 2013

Burlap Chevron Wreath

While browsing Pinterest lately, I had the crafting itch. So I scratched and went to Hobby Lobby. I've been wanting to put a wreath on our front door for awhile, and I wanted to put my touch on the design. 

Here's the end result with directions following:

I bought a large wreath metal template, 4 in x 30 ft burlap ribbon, 4 in x 15 ft chevron burlap ribbon, floral wire, floral accessory, and a letter "D" for Davis! I also grabbed a pair of scissors for this project.

To start, I secured the burlap ribbon to the inside metal ring with the floral wire.

I then weaved the burlap through the inner and outer metal rings. I went back and forth 2-3 times per interval.

I finished going around and then "fluffed" the edges by pulling the folds apart.

All fluffed up! Gideon was taking a little cat nap while I was crafting!

Then I got started on the chevron inside ribbon detail. I took floral wire and secured the ribbon the same spot I secured the first ribbon. I then took about a 2 in long piece of floral wire and poked it through the ribbon about an inch from the sides. 

At each "interval" I pinched the ribbon and wire to secure it to the metal wreath.

I twisted the ends at the back of the wreath.

After finishing, I secured the floral accessory to where the ribbon ends met. This covered any unsightly parts of the wreath.

I wanted to hang the letter "D" to the wreath, so I cut out a strip of the chevron ribbon and looped it in the letter.

I laid it where I wanted it placed and secured it to the metal frame with the floral wire.

All done!

It looks great on the front door! So perfect for Fall!  

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