Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our New Adventure

Sorry for the hiatus folks! Will and I have been crazy busy with life in general and with preparing ourselves for our new roles as Mom and Dad! We are expecting our twins to arrive sometime in July (our due date being August 1st).

(Our little girl Lucy on top and little Levi on bottom, 22 weeks 2 days)

We both knew that we wanted to be parents one day. And with two losses, we (probably more me than Will) were feeling hopeless.

But God is good and his timing is perfect.

We are currently in the process of preparing the nursery and I am trying to start prepping the house, which includes getting rid of two dogs (just kidding!!).

Some future posts to look forward to are: week by week bump pictures, the baby shower, before and after of our nursery, and periodic posts about our lives as comatose parents and the meals I try to crank out amid my sleepiness.

I did just make a WHOLE BUNCH of freezer meals that I neglected to take pictures of, but I will post the recipes! Promise!