Monday, July 22, 2013

Tortellini Antipasto Kebabs

The first time I had these, they were at my bridal shower. They were a great appetizer and I wanted to re-create them for a party I was throwing.

I bought 2 different types of tortellini: Spinach & Cheese and Three Cheese.

I used 2 different types of olives as well.

While I was cooking the tortellini, I put all of the other skewer companions in a "production line".

In order: muenster cheese cubes, black olives, tortellini, pepperoni, green olives, and cherry tomatoes.

I just assembled the toppings in a random order on wooden skewers. I tried to use 3 tortellini on each kebab.

I also made some vegetarian kebabs without the pepperoni. You can add pretty much any vegetable on the skewers. This appetizer is so versatile!

To finish them off, I drizzled an Italian style dressing on top and let them marinate overnight.

(Side note: This appetizer can be made a day in advance -- just cover them with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge.)

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