Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY Bedroom: Design & Paint

Will and I knew right away that we would want to re-paint the master bedroom. The pea soup green wasn't working for us -- especially for my gray/blue color palette.

I have 2 pictures of the room with the green walls. Will and I had already added the chandelier and some decorative touches.

We chose a dark slate blue for the sitting area and the wall with the windows. We thought it would be nice to have an accent color to the gray. The pictures below show the finished gray color.

I managed to snap some pictures of Will painting the sitting area.

Here are the after pictures of the bedroom:

These amazing chairs and pillows are from Big Lots. 

On the left is Will's side, and has a Valentine's Day gift I gave him and his place card at the wedding.
On the right is my side, and has a date night jar that we received at one of our showers and my place card at the wedding.

I love the different patterns in the room. I heard once that you should have 5 different patterns in a room, and I think I have 7 patterns (whoops!).

We bought the bed and side tables at Big Lots and inherited the beige bedroom furniture from Will's parents.

I picked up these lamps at Kirkland's.

This hanger that I got for the wedding hangs next to the closet. It was one of the first things we hung in the room.

We scored the sign above our bed from Hobby Lobby. It has one of our favorite verses from Song of Songs.

We absolutely love how our room turned out!

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