Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pico de Gallo

Who doesn't love pico de gallo (other than my husband)?!

It's so easy to make at home - and it's perfect as a topping and by itself on top of a crisp tortilla chip!

It starts with a red onion.

I minced 1 red onion and threw it in a fairly large bowl. All of the other ingredients will end up in this bowl (Yay less dishes!).

I took 4 beautiful roma tomatoes and cut them in half...

... and scooped out the seeds. We only want to use the meat of the tomatoes.

Now it's cilantro time! I took a large handful (maybe a cup) of cilantro leaves and minced them.

Lastly, I added lime juice to the mix and we're done! 

I could have also added some jalapeno (without the seeds!) to take it to the next level, but I decided not to.

I stored the pico in the fridge until it was time to serve.

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