Thursday, June 9, 2016

DIY No-Sew Crib Rail Cover

I woke up to teeth marks and paint missing from Levi's crib railing. And I wanted a solution before he went to bed that night. I found a tutorial online and tweaked it a bit.

You need three things: fabric (fleece would work best), measuring tape, and scissors.

I measured the longest side and it was 51 inches.

Then, I measured the height of the and added 5 inches below the railing, which in my case was 10 inches. But I have to take into account the other side, so I need to double that. So that would be 20 inches.

Then I measured the length of the side rails. It was 28 inches.

And the height, adding 5 inches below the railing, was 6 inches. Double that, and it's 12 inches.

I cut the first piece of fabric to be 51 inches x 20 inches. I laid it over the railing to make sure I had the correct measurements. 

I then took a pair of scissors and cut along each vertical railing up to where it ends.

I did it to just the one side, then folded the fabric in half and laid it on the floor. I used my first cuts as guidelines and made the same cuts on the other side.

I tied the fabric that fell in between the open slots in double knots.

As you can see, every other strip of fabric was left hanging, so I tucked it in. 

First railing done!

I did the same thing for the sides.

All covered!!

No more bite marks and missing paint for this little guy!

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