Monday, April 10, 2017

DIY Guest Bathroom

Boy, oh boy, was this bathroom ugly. The walls were mustard yellow and the medicine cabinet had a missing mirror. And it took me four years of living here to turn the worst room in the house to one of my favorites!




What I did:
  • I used Frog Tape (a brand of painter's tape) before painting and it worked so well!
  • Behind the old medicine cabinet there were holes in the wall, so I used spackle and sanded it down. And for a big hole, I used a wall patch kit.
  • Painted the walls a light grey color (the same I used in the master bedroom)
  • Installed daylight light bulbs to get rid of the yellow glow (Check out the before pictures and how YELLOW the room looked!).
  • Painted the vanity. I took off the cabinet doors, cleaned the vanity and doors. Did two coats of Kilz primer. And then painted it a dark grey/blue, using Valspar paint with a matte finish. 
  • Added hardware to the vanity
  • Hung a new mirror
  • Added a new shower curtain, soap dispenser, and shelves.

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