Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Floral Baby Sprinkle

My beautiful sister-in-law is expecting a sweet baby girl! Since this is her second child, I wanted to throw her a baby sprinkle! It's a chance to celebrate Scartlett's eventual arrival and so that she could get some girly stuff, since her firstborn was a boy. 

I wanted the theme to be similar to her nursery theme, so that she could use the decorations in her nursery. The nursery had floral, wood, pink, and gold accents.

The invitation (Note: Personal information changed for privacy)
My friend Aly made the centerpieces. They are mason jars, painted, with silk peonies. We used the centerpieces and notebooks as the prizes for the games.

Paper lanterns are an extremely cute and affordable decoration! I used command hooks to secure them to the ceiling. And I strung them together at different heights.

The guestbook table! I bought the wood letters, wood frame , and canvas floral art from Hobby Lobby. The lantern was ordered from amazon. 

The fingerprint guestbook was so cute!

The game sheets. We played, Old Wives' Tale Trivia and Guess Who: Mommy or Daddy?

Answers to the Old Wives' Tale Trivia:
  1. Boy
  2. Girl
  3. Girl
  4. Girl
  5. Boy
  6. Boy
  7. Boy
  8. Boy
  9. Boy
  10. Girl

The cake was ordered from Sam's Club.

Katie, my beautiful sister-in-law! 

Mini quiches, from Costco.

Cinnabon - yum!

Fruit tray. Framed art from Hobby Lobby.

Yogurt and granola.
Homemade chicken salad on croissants. They were absolutely delicious, and eventually I'll post the recipe!

Paper straws from amazon.
Also, I printed out coloring pages and bought crayons for the kids who came. It was a great way to keep them entertained!

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