Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DIY No-Sew Knot Headband

Will and I went the the 3 French Hens market and I saw these super cute knot headbands - but they were $12 each. Will said that it looked like something I could make. The only problem was that I don't have a sewing machine :(

So I went to Target and found some stretchy jersey adult headbands. They came in a four pack and were $4.79. I also bought Singer Stitch Free Fabric Glue for $3.89. (Though I'm sure you could use hot glue as well).

Steps (from bottom to top):
  1. (Multi-colored) Original headband with no alterations.
  2. (Pink) I cut the headband in half on both sides of the sewed seam.
  3. (Black) I made a curved template and cut the edges so that they were curved.
  4. (Gray) I turned the headband inside out. 

This is the fabric glue I used. After you use it, it needs to dry for 24 hours. 

I glued the curved edges together, leaving just a few millimeters of room along the edges. 

Steps (from bottom to top):
  1. (Multi-colored) I cut a small slit in the middle of the headband along the sewed seam. 
  2. (Gray) I pulled one end through the hole.
  3. (Pink) I pulled the other end through the hole.
  4. (Black) Completely flipped inside out and turned over. 

I double knotted the headbands and made sure the knot was pulled tight. The seam is on the inside of the headband, so that little hole I cut is not visible. The circumference came out to be 12 inches, which is the perfect size for newborns and all the way up to 3 months!

Pictures of my sweet baby girl Lucy wearing the headbands!

Need somewhere to store the gorgeous headbands you made?! Check out my DIY Headband Holder.

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  1. You can hand sew a stretch stitch. I don't have a sewing machine but I regularly sew super stretchy fabrics by hand with a simple stretch stitch.